The trifle* team have been lucky to be invited to collaborate with OMD UK a few times in the last 5 years in their central London home. After last working with them to refurbish their client facing meeting spaces in 2014, OMD UK invited us back to help them deliver a huge refresh to four floors in their HQ. Our brief was to help them support more flexible ways of working, increase organisation and energise all floors with the creativity and personality of OMD’s brand character.The two biggest challenges were altering the ground floor work space to incorporate a cafe / break out area for 50 people and changing the 2nd floor working area to an entirely agile space for the 100 people that work across the floor. This overhaul needed to support task / activity based working with a bespoke working space to encourage collaboration and agility across different working needs and styles. trifle* designed a large amount of bespoke furniture for the project to meet the various requirements including a freestanding 'island' for the 2nd floor, that can sit up to 20 people in various working modes.

Throughout the building, we optimised their space with clever storage solutions and improved furnishing & lighting design. Not only to improve the look of the space but to support functionality with a design that supported the OMD UK vision and ethos of being “Culturally Connected”.