Snacks to improve work space well being


We don’t know about you, but in our office there’s always, always food. As the obsessive ‘make work life better’ crew, we’re always trying to make sure that the snacks we keep around are at least healthy to avoid the classic sugar rollercoaster ride that can have a negative impact on work. One common thing then we find ourselves asking, are there foods that can improve office environments? We’re not nutritionists, but a little bit of research did lead to some gems we thought we’d share...

Staying alert and calm - Oranges 

The Vitamin C helps push oxygen through your body and up to your brain, giving you a burst of energy. In addition, citrus smells have been shown to have soothing effects. Think of that yoga teacher that always burns orange incense.

Staying alert - Green Tea

Dehydration can make you feel sleepy, but getting plenty of fluids will help boost alertness. Water is your best bet for hydration, but if you must have caffeine, opt for green tea instead of coffee. It has less caffeine (about 35 milligrams compared to about 200 milligrams) so you won’t have the same come-down once it wears off. Also, it’s loaded with good-for-you antioxidants.

Working late snack - Dried cherries 

The classic late night work sesh often means eating everything and everything to keep alert but when you’ve eventually managed to get to bed, you’re so wired from all the foods, sleep is the last thing your body wants to let you do. Next time you need some late night work sustenance, grab a handful of dark cherries which contain melatonin, a crucial compound for good sleep. Plus, the carbs help produce relaxing serotonin.

Stay happy - Greek yogurt 

With more calcium than milk, this creamy breakfast item sends happiness-provoking neurotransmitters throughout the brain. An added bonus is the extra protein, which means you’ll crave less food. And we could all use that.

Boost brain power - pumpkin seeds 

They’re full of zinc, iron and minerals that help transport oxygen to the brain, and nerve cells to communicate and boost your brain power. A great cheap and healthy snack.

A sunscreen boost - watermelon

If we do a little April heatwave then you might want to consider stocking up on some Watermelon. It’s loaded with lycopene, this antioxidant compound is found in watermelons and tomatoes, which give them their red colour but also helps skin stave off UV damage. Researchers believe that the melon contains as much as 40% more lycopene than raw tomatoes which is the equivalent of an SPF 3 - a great boost (not a replacement) to your sunscreen.