Beating Blue Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday

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Okay okay, we know ‘Blue Monday’ is a concept originally created by a PR company (albeit backed by research) but we think it’s fair to say that January in it’s entirety can be described as a bleak, cold miserable month that dampens the soul. 

Rather than wait it out by hiding under the duvet, there’s plenty of tips and tricks you can incorporate to make life (and the prospect of going to work) a little bit easier. Over the next week we’ll be sharing a few of our favourites we’ve collected, starting with today’s top 7 below.

Now, go make yourself a cup of hot lemon and ginger and settle down for a read...

1. Wake up at the same time every day

Top tip from Workshop Gymnasium founder and fitness expert Lee Mullins to improve your sleep quality is not to focus on the time you go to bed, or the length of time that you sleep, but on waking up at the same time every day. This can be hard to do, especially at weekends, but it’s the most impactful thing you can do to boost your energy in the daytime and keep your circadian rhythm (body clock) at its optimal level at night.

2. Cold shower in the morning and a hot bath in the evening

Ok we know, terrifying but please hear us out because there’s real science behind this (again from Lee)! Research has shown that cold showers increase not only your energy and metabolism, but also your levels of testosterone (beneficial to both sexes). Increased testosterone helps the body produce energy, create lean muscle and burn more body fat. Hot showers or baths relieve tension and soothe stiff muscles, whether you’ve worked out or not.

3. Make sure your goals are attainable

Our very own Creative Director, Emma Morley constantly reminds us of this gem. A lot of people start the new year with a lot of ambitions to change their lives for the better. Whilst the approach is admirable, if the goals aren’t achievable then the sense of failure might actually mean ending up sending you into a downward spiral that means you don’t achieve any goals at all. Look back at your list and really ask yourself whether you’re taking on too much.

4. Straighten up!

Slouching in your chair is basically the office equivalent of hiding in your duvet but many health experts are saying sitting is the new smoking so sit up! As Suzanne Lucas (aka @RealEvilHRLady) points out, not only is it better for your back but when we carry ourselves upright, we inspire confidence, trust, and respect. It also sends a signal to your brain that you're feeling energised and engaged.

5. De-clutter your space

A cluttered desk makes for a cluttered mind. Do you really need ALL that paperwork? Suzanne Lucas recommends using January to have a good clear out and let your workspace inspire you. Have books, images, references around you that are interesting, useful &/or motivating. Make your desk, cubicle, or office a place of clarity and calm where you can really think, breathe, and get things done.

6. Make your own coffee

Giving up coffee is something that we long-ago realised was an unachievable goal in the Trifle office. So, instead of beating ourselves up about it, we took Sali Hughes’ (from The Pool) advice and bought a coffee machine. Not only do we end up saving a serious amount of pennies (we drink a lot of coffee), but it’s better for the environment as just one in a thousand paper cups is recycled because the plastic laminate on the cardboard is too hard to remove. Find the best coffee machine for youhere.

7. Treat yourself!

A lovely little end point from Emma Morley again who advises that as important as it is to keep a good routine and eat the right things, it’s also important to keep your spirit up by pampering yourself a little too! Whether that’s taking some time out to read a book, do a facemask or visit a spa. It doesn’t have to break the bank either. For a dose of happy, try Spa London (3 hours is £26) plus they also have regular offers. Orrrrr... if you need a happy hit right now, take a little look at the wonderful Blue Monday inspired edit by our friends at Trouva.

That’s it for today but, keep an eye on TwitterInsta  and Pinterest this week for some more top tips for beating Blue Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday! 

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