Favourites from Milan


Trifle has just returned from ‘il Salone Internazionale del Mobile’ in Milan - the largest design event in the world hosting the latest from the greatest, in the world of design!

Our 3 day stint focused on hunting out design centred on workspaces. We lapped up a huge amount of installations, interactive event, digital technologies, art shows, fuorisalone events and immense Salone del Mobile exhibition, that included lighting, workplace 3.0 and emerging designer expositions.

Here are our top 10 favourites from the incredible event...

1. Dutch designer’s DAVID DERKSEN light and airy space dividers, that can also hold various design elements, such as LED lamps or even acoustic foam. Genuine materials, beautiful architectural forms.

2. French company MATIÈRE GRISE attracted our attention with angular graphic forms and striking use of colour. As they themselves say, ‘the collections are defined by simplicity, joy, a kind of industrial elegance which is not to be taken seriously’.

3. BULO. Belgium company Bulo collection stood out with simplicity, genuine materials and interesting product design details.

4. MA/U products based on few principles: clean lines and functionality. The C.O.P. storage system offers a simple flexible storage solution on a concealed rail mounting system, that provides a simple ‘plug & play’ solution for office use. Another modular shelving system features an extra thin metal frame combined with shelves, the different combinations of modules create infinite geometric compositions, visually light and with a strong personality and this theme is continued through other complementary pieces such as desks, tables and benches.

4. MARUNI. Japanese brand Maruni introduces furniture suitable for highly used public spaces without compromising design. The products stand out by clean lines and simplicity with some subtle colour accents.

5. Italian company MAGIS showcased cast iron inspired Brut collection which design is reminiscent to the material’s typical industrial use. Interesting detailing, alternative shapes, and beautiful colour use.

6. BENE. Pixel range furniture is flexible and unfussy; the ingenious versatile little boxes can be combined to create different pieces of furniture, be it storage containers, seating or a table.

7. BUXKIN wall and floor covering products with high acoustic qualities, made from recycled leather from the shoe industry. Company’s mission is to contribute to solving the global waste problem.

And, just to round off, here’s a few snapshots from Fuorisalone events and exhibitions: