Trifle Top 10 Office Secret Santa Gifts

Aesop duo.jpg

Our top recommendations for thoughtful and fun office Secret Santa gifts that will make work-life better!

1. Aesop Resurrection Aromatique Hand Balm (£19).  From the bitter cold outdoors to the excess heating in the office, not to mention the incessant washing to get rid of those germs flying around this time of year.  Winter is very hard on the hands!  Give your colleague this ultimate hand cream as a luxurious treat so that they can confidently shake your hand knowing they won't leave a dry flaky mess in your palm.  


2. Aesop Post-Poo Drops (£20).  ...Or you could go for some of these post poo drops because you might actually be doing the whole office a favour!

3. Caran D'Ache 849 Pop Line Flouro Ballpoint pens (£19.80 each).  Not only do they come in energising florescent colours, but they also contain a blue medium Goliath ink cartridge which will pretty much last forever.  Or up to 600x A4 pages.  Whichever comes first.

4.  Black & Blum Box Appetit Bento (£16.95).  This is lunch box design at it's best, including a sauce pot, divider dish, and clip on fork.  What more could you possibly need?

5.  geo-fleur Studio Arhoj Sip Cup ceramic planter with cactus (£20).  It's been proven that a bit of greenery can improve well-being in the workplace.  Why not give your colleague a hardy and uber trendy cactus in a pretty little pot from our friends at geo-fleur?

6.  Honest Brew America F. Yeah! Howler (£8.50).  Remember when America was, immediately before the last presidential election?  This is for your colleague who will want to recall those good ol' days, washed down with a nice craft brew or three, looking forward to better days in 2017.

7.  There's No Fun like Work heritage mug (£15).  We love the positivity of this mug, and its happy yellow handle! #s(mug)face 

8.  Skandinavisk Fjord mini candle (£14).  Is your giftee having a stressful day?  Or maybe there's a guy nearby eating a smelly lunch or hanging his gym kit on the back of his chair to dry out?  Let this incredible candle transfer him or her to a peaceful Nordic coniferous forest to help them relax and refocus on the task at hand.

9.  School of Life The Psychology of Colour Pencil set (£18).  Give your Secret Santa the tools they need to let their creativity run wild!

10.  "Pen Orgy" Pencil Case (£6.38).  Disclaimer:  Should probably only be given to someone with a lot of pencils AND a sense of humour, but we would always recommend showing a bit of personality!

BONUS PICK!  Native Union Charging Cable and Key Chain (£24).  Super genius design that not only holds your keys but also allows you to charge your phone via USB input.  We love it when form and function meet!