Acacia Avenue

When strategic research consultancy Acacia Avenue invited us over to see if we could help with their workspace we were enthralled before we even visited. The visual brief emailed to us was an absolute delight to read. They wanted to capture the real essence of who they were within their working environment so that it created a more inspiring and connected space for the team, their clients and visitors.

One site visit later and we were hooked - it is not often we get the privilege of working within a entire Georgian property and the space whilst full of character and light was fairly neutral and did not match the personality, character nor quirk of this lovely close knit business.

trifle* first played with a palette of colour and ideas that suited the individuality of Acacia Avenue. We added dark drama to hall and corridors; revamped bathrooms with charm; created three stunning meeting rooms and completely transformed a back office (which previously had a microwave on a wobbly table) into an attractive communal, social & lively cafe kitchen and meeting area.

It was enormous fun to work with this small agency with larger than life personality and everyone is happy with the space which now better represents their world.