Design Journey


We tailor each journey to your project needs.

  • Dig deep to uncover you work and what you need to make work | life better

  • Analyse & define project brief align your spatial and cultural requirements with your overall project vision

  • Explore spatial layouts

    ...and test different options to create a harder working space that meets all your different requirements

  • Define look & feel

    ...for the overall space

  • Cost guidance give you a sense of the ballpark cost

  • Develop & detail into reality with technical details and input from external experts such as Lighting and M+E engineers, Building Control, A/V consultant, internal stakeholders such as IT, Front of House

  • Bring to life

    ...the vision with carefully selected furniture and crafted bespoke pieces

  • Conclude

    ...the design phase with final client approvals and preparing documentation for contractor tenders

  • Deliver

    ...oversee the build phase to ensure the construction meets the original client brief and vision

  • Magic touches narrate your brand story; with books, accessories and plants to add character & personality to your space

  • Move in

    ...for a better work | life!

Sounds good?