trifle* talks... working from home


Do you working from home? Often it's difficult to stop your mind from straying so we've put together our top tips for staying productive and keep focused.


1. Take regular breaks to move & stretch 🤸🏻♂️

2. Make sure your back is well supported (grab a cushion)👩🏻💻

3. Get some fresh air⛅️

4. A plant or some greenery around you really does work - they remove toxins from the air plus cognitive tasks, concentration and focus are all improved 🌿

5. Plan in 'distraction time' when you allow yourself to take a break, dream, check your socials or hang the washing out. 🙌🏼

6. What inspires you? Have some stimulus or music around you. (Check @spotify 'music for concentration' playlists 🎼

7. Keep drinking water - staying hydrated stops you getting tired💧