trifle* loves… Bethnal Green!


As some of you know we’ve moved offices to the rather lovely Pill Box in Bethnal Green. Yesterday, as is trifle* tradition, we set out on a little design crawl, exploring all the great places in the area covering the 3 most important points - interior design, eating/drinking and exciting things to do...

All the places we visited are below as well as a few more team favourites we’ll all be visiting very soon.


Interior Design

Bert and May

We’ve lusted after Bert & May’s range of tiles, kitchen and bathroom fittings and most recently, modular living spaces for quite some time so it’s a pleasure to be just a stone’s throw away from their gorgeous designs! And, if you're nice, they'll let you onto their barge decked out in all things Bert and May. 

Unto this last

Plywood pioneers (and other woods), Unto this last are exactly the company you hope a modern craft house would be. Based on the principle that their working environment is designed with the same care that their products are; their neat, open plan workshop is open to the public. It’s a wonderful place to visit and with very economical prices and great environmental policies, it’s also a wonderful place to buy products from.

Conservatory archives 

Tropical indoor plant heaven right on our doorstep! We couldn’t ask for more! Chances are you will have come across at least a few pictures from this incredible plant store on instagram or Pinterest as this is where urban jungle dreams are made. Conservatory archives specialises in indoor gardening, a must visit for any green fingered city dweller.


Kent and London & FLOOR_STORY 

Ok Ok, it is a little bit of a walk from us but with not one but two green spaces in the way, it’s a very enjoyable 20 minute stroll. Friends of ours, Kent and London specialise in the most beautiful bespoke furniture and kitchens using only traditional methods. In the very same shop, more trifle* family and Living Etc favourite, FLOOR_STORY stock the very best and most exciting range of rugs we’ve ever laid our eyes on.

Kent and London.jpg

Labour & Wait 

You would be forgiven for initially thinking this shop was actually a very trendy pub. Specialising in timeless, functional domestic products for daily life this is a great shop to pop in and feel good about buying a utilitarian product that just happens to be very beautifully designed.

Peanut Vendor 

If there’s anything that we love as much as plants, it’s probably good vintage furniture (which looks really great with plants) & coffee. The Peanut Vendor is a trifle treasure which we’ve taken advantage of for many a project, the most recent resulting in a pistachio coloured mid-century sofa which we’re happy to say, our clients loved. It might actually be dangerous to be so close!

Food and Drink

Sager + Wilde

You can’t go looking at great design and not end up eating and drinking in a place that just as well designed with drinks and food to match - it’s actually a rule. Seriously though, if you need a wonderful place to impress a few friends, this is the destination.


Paradise garage 

Visited Sager + Wilde and need another, just as cool option? This is your answer. Underneath the arches but still feeling aired and bright, Paradise Garage serves incredible contemporary British cuisine and with a tasting menu for £35, there’s not much more to ask for.

E. Pellicci 

We almost can’t cope with the fact that we are SO close to this London institution. Vintage Art Deco workers’ cafe offering full English breakfast and Italian classics since 1900, the decor, menu and family hasn’t changed since for the simple reason of the fact that it’s just so good. Wood panels, Formica tables, Art Deco touches, pie and chips, lasagne and chips, anything and chips. This is an incredible spot to visit, especially recommended after a night out at any of the above.

Things to do

The Museum of Childhood

Who doesn’t love toys? This branch of the V&A museum is a gem, great to take anyone of any age to. The ever evolving collection never fails to raise a smile or with plenty of interactive exhibits and hosted activities, keep everyone interested.

London Buddhist Centre 

We have a feeling we’re going to get mindfulness and work life balance cracked with the aid of free lunchtime meditation classes here

Backyard bar and kitchen 

Alright, yes, we are ending on another bar, however, in our defence, this is technically one of London’s major comedy clubs. Owner Lee Hurst often makes an appearance here and the growing array of cabaret acts and even life drawing classes are definitely something to make it onto places to visit in Bethnal Green.

Something tells us our trifle team are going to be pretty happy in this spot!