Fast paced Design for Fast Paced tech start ups

At trifle* we have grown our expertise and love designing for fast paced tech start ups. Last year alone there were 11,864 software development and programming businesses incorporated in the UK and in spite of Brexit this sector continues to grow.

Habito - East London

Our journey began in this sector nearly 7 years ago with Moo's first Shoreditch office and we have since found ourselves working in this dynamic area of business and office design more and more. Creative entrepreneurs are inspiring and decisive and we absolutely love how they firmly keep us on our toes. Excitingly for us our clients all have one thing in common - they grow fast and they are looking at a continued bright future. We design their workspaces so that creativity, agility and well being are always key to the design. It is always an honour and thrill to be part of their journey and growth and it almost always involves some seriously smart design and a fast paced approach to the various design challenges these types of businesses give us.

We have worked on projects where the growth has changed quite dramatically through the course of the Design phase, meaning we have to add entire new wings/floors/areas to the space. This kind of rapid growth has also seen necessary full U-turns on projects and even led to more than one being cancelled when it’s become apparent that businesses won’t fit within the space that's just been acquired. We have worked with Graduate CEO entrepreneurs - smart & ambitious, who have never had to work in an office before, let alone design one. We have handled complex projects with multiple sites as well as tricky long term staging of projects. The experience we have gained has taught us to build in a degree of flexibility at each stage; we are also now adept at designing spaces that are adaptable, have personality and that retain the entrepreneurial spirit (for us and them) along the way.

Our current economic and political climate float in an uncertain sea right now but the creative ambitions and innovative thinking of our clients continues to grow, and we at trifle* remain agile and creatively on our feet ready to adapt to whatever needs our clients have of us and their workspaces. They say the best innovation and ideas come out of a crisis, so let's not waste this one.


MVF Wilkin Street - North London