Desk Love


This week we are talking about Desk Love....whether you have your own desk in a work space or a makeshift work area at home, what do we at Trifle recommend to show it you care?

 Tidy desk, tidier mind : There are always times when creative chaos takes over but clearing the desks is kind to yourself and those around you. Please take the gym kit / shoes / food wrappers away and treat yourself to some beautiful and practical desk storage. From gorgeous metallics, rustic chic, industrial cool to classic monochrome, there is a style out there for everyone. Magazine files, trays, pen pots, cable tidies - the list of wonderful (and fun) options is endless. Check out Rockett St GeorgeJohn LewisHay and Anthropologie for starters.

Green and serene: If you have space for a plant it can be a truly beneficial addition to your space. It's beauty can fill you with joy, while the right plant can suck up some of the nasty pollutants whizzing around your office.  Sign up to our mailing list to be in with a chance of winning prizes from Geo-Fleur and Petal to the Metal later this month. 


Desire to inspire: Add something to your space that inspires you - a piece of art (even if just a postcard) or some beautiful stationery (try Present and Correct or Liberty) Alternatively put something on your desk that makes you smile - like the Obliging Bird Clip pictured above.

The light fantastic: Task lighting is a must - especially when the days get shorter. It is much better for your eyes to back light a screen so it's not the only source of light in your immediate vicinity. Ikea do the amazing bendy Jansjo clip on light in a range of colours for only £10. Alternatively push the boat out and head to Anglepoise - you can't beat the classics.

A few simple things that can make your day - and your desk - that bit brighter. 

Have a great week!

TC x

For further inspiration check out our Stationery Love and Tidy boards on our Pinterest page.