Octagon is a creative marketing agency that specialises in sport and culture. Successful growth in the UK meant that when the opportunity to expand into the neighbouring office came up, they jumped at the chance.The brief was to create a space that lived up to the ambition of the agency and would earn the attention of clients and employees alike. We worked with Octagon to define their requirements, which included the revamp of their existing space, to produce a concept that would capture the spirit of the agency.Our space planning gave Octagon the communal space and number of offices they needed without compromising the beautiful interior architecture of the building, including the great arches that were inherited on the new side of the space. Key to the space was a versatile communal area that would allow for different types of working and serve for company gatherings.Creatively, the design of both sides of the office revolved around a clean, simple and modern aesthetic. Materials, patterns and textures were all abstracted from the world of sport. Fan favourites include metal mesh partitions that give the impression of football cage, a set of bespoke plywood bleachers made of gymnasium-style flooring, and a central meeting area and tea point known as ‘The Crossbar,’ that resembles a football goal.

Overall, Octagon have a space that embodies their business and enthuses their employees.