a space should reflect, live and breathe the work you do

You do great work, so let's shout about it. Working spaces should communicate the work you do loud and clear, and we're used to finding creative ways to show you off. Everyone that comes through the door is either a staff member, client, supplier or supporter, so be clear about what you do.


a space can engage employees and enhance a company's culture

Our first step is always to understand the true ethos, brand and personality of your business. We spend time within your business, with your employees. We listen and we observe. We collect this information and turn it into key areas for development within the environment. This gives us true insights from which to design, create and rebuild. By collaborating with you we develop culturally authentic and meaningful spaces that work harder for your organisation.


a great space will inspire and impress

We want to make every space we work with inspiring and memorable. Grey spaces make for grey atmospheres. We have proven that colour, personality, character and stimulus will help to create an engaging and interesting working environment for staff, clients and visitors alike. This,in turn, will energise and impress.


a workspace needs different spaces for different work modes

Focused, collaborative, creative, sociable, learning

Where do you do your best work? We know this answer is changeable and therefore a variety of spaces should be on offer. Flexibility and choice is vital for your employees. Even the smallest nook can be a creative hub or a quiet nook in which to focus. We can help optimise every sqm of space.


a space should be practical and make sense (form AND function)

Space planning is a huge part of what we do. There is no point having a beautiful office which doesn't function. The (unsexy) reality is, if you don't get the basics right, your office will not be a happy place for the long term. We work with you to ensure this from the start. An organised workspace helps relieve stress, boost productivity, keeps a space professional & helps keep you Health & Safety compliant.


your workspace should make work-life better

A well designed space can increase happiness and this will increase productivity. Working environments that nurture, stimulate & inspire the people working in them is good for business. By understanding how your company works - as well as the fundamentals of daily office life - we ensure that your workspace looks after your team.