How can we design work life better?


​Clerkenwell Design Week is a real cherry for our Trifle. An occasion marked by clever design and interesting people and chats. In this spirit, our long-time client MOO opened their offices for a natter, a glass of fizz, tours and a panel discussion on our favourite subject (and one which we are tirelessly passionate about) how can work space design make people’s working lives better?


A Slice of Clerkenwell Design Week 2017


Whilst we were very busy organising our own Clerkenwell Design Week event, we found it difficult to get out and see all of the exciting things that went on so we sent Billie, one of our wonderful Trifle stylists, out on a mission to be our eyes and ears to select the best of the festival. Here’s Billie’s best bits...


trifle* travels - Marrakech


This weekend we are in Marrakech to celebrate the forthcoming nuptials of one of the lovely team at Trifle so we wanted to share all our top design tips for this colourful, amazing, hospitable city.


Join us at Clerkenwell Design Week!


Interested in finding out about what goes into creating professional environments that not only meet the diverse needs of today's work force but fosters culture, retains talent, improves wellbeing and inspires productivity - come to our Clerkenwell Design Week evening!


Favourites from Milan


Trifle has just returned from ‘il Salone Internazionale del Mobile’ in Milan - the largest design event in the world hosting the latest from the greatest, in the world of design!


Snacks to improve work space well being


We don’t know about you, but in our office there’s always, always food. As the obsessive ‘make work life better’ crew, we’re always trying to make sure that the snacks we keep around are at least healthy to avoid the classic sugar rollercoaster ride that can have a negative impact on work. One common thing then we find ourselves asking, are there foods that can improve office environments? We’re not nutritionists, but a little bit of research did lead to some gems we thought we’d share...


Beating Blue Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday


Okay okay, we know ‘Blue Monday’ is a concept originally created by a PR company (albeit backed by research) but we think it’s fair to say that January in it’s entirety can be described as a bleak, cold miserable month that dampens the soul.

Rather than wait it out by hiding under the duvet, there’s plenty of tips and tricks you can incorporate to make life (and the prospect of going to work) a little bit easier. Over the next week we’ll be sharing a few of our favourites we’ve collected, starting with today’s top 7 below.


Trifle Top 10 Office Secret Santa Gifts


Our top recommendations for thoughtful and fun office Secret Santa gifts that will make work-life better!


London Design Festival 2016 Highlights


Trifle* treks far and wide across town to take in as many treats as possibe during London Design Festival.




Copenhagen - the epicentre of Design has long been on our hit list. To be honest given where our passions lie at TC* it seemed downright rude to have not visited before, but we now know why. Could it really be 'the one'?!? Would loyalty to our dear old London as 'best City in the world' be challenged forever by this trip?!


Lyceum Theatre


Trifle was invited by a leading West End theatre producer based at the Lyceum Theatre in Covent Garden to completely redesign their 250sqm work environment in August 2015.


Foxtrot Papa


Sometimes small changes can make all the difference....


Midcentury and More


This week we take part in a fabulous Mid Century event hosted by our friends Layer Home and also have a gander at Mid Century magazine. (Image above courtesy of Layer Home)


MOO 2016


When MOO decided to move out of their Shoreditch space, they asked Trifle to be involved with the design of their new home. And we were only too pleased to oblige....


*Trifle Top 20 Products We Love Right Now


​We love to get out and about and see what's happening in the world of interior products. Luckily for you lot we've rounded up our Top 20 products we have spotted across recent design shows, from Milan to ICFF to Clerkenwell and elsewhere! Happy Shopping...